Global Classroom with Costa Rica

Each student walks in the classroom with different goals. My teaching philosophy promotes a dynamic learning environment where assignments, activities, and class discussions are created for a myriad of student goals and objectives. I am always striving to improve my teaching by implementing innovative teaching techniques. Some of these techniques include using various communication technologies such as Twitter, Medium, Adobe Connect, PolyCom, and Camtasia. I have also presented some of these techniques at international and regional conferences.


Courses Taught

  • Communication in the Digital Age (Undergraduate, Upper Division) 

Communication in the Digital Age Syllabus

  • Intercultural Communication (Undergraduate, Lower Division)

Intercultural Communication Syllabus

  • Introduction to Research Methods in Communication Studies (Undergraduate, Lower Division)

Research Methods Syllabus

  • Interpersonal Communication (Undergraduate, Lower Division)
  • Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Undergraduate, Lower Division)
  • Advanced Public Speaking (Undergraduate, Upper Division)
  • Business and Professional Communication (Undergraduate, Lower Division)